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simple smile tutorial by sakimichan simple smile tutorial :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,249 35 Desolation V by Kurraudea Desolation V :iconkurraudea:Kurraudea 17 1 pooja421 by Sindeyella101 pooja421 :iconsindeyella101:Sindeyella101 6 2 Rainbow wig by Erikor Rainbow wig :iconerikor:Erikor 6 0 Event BC - Not afraid anymore by Lidairui Event BC - Not afraid anymore :iconlidairui:Lidairui 9 5
I am Filipino
I am Filipino.
I speak the same language.
I have skin as brown as a fresh pandesal.
I am short with a nose unenvied by the rest of the world.
I was born into a Catholic-stricken community.
I back-ride on a tricycle on shorts and slippers.
I shout Bayad! and Para! on the jeepney.
I can speak in 5 local dialects.
I have learned a second language first.
I was first taught in a Protestant school.
I, then, continued studying in a Belgian institution.
I graduated with a major that is not Filipino.
I work for Koreans.
I try - miserably and terribly - to learn their language.
I am mistaken to be Korean more than thrice.
I have the Rising Sun’s currency as my pseudonym.
I adore anime.
I have the blood of Lao, the Giant’s child, in my veins.
I look more like the Giant’s child, though.
I toured all over Luz.
I have seen magnificent Mayon.
I climbed the proud Cordilleras.
I, then, crossed the Pacific twice.
I have met U
:iconsilentquill:SilentQuill 19 16
Filipino Ako
First time we meet
You'll see a face
Of dark brown hair along its trace
And dark brown eyes
Under squinted eyelids
Looking through a pair of glasses
First assumption you must have made
She's Chinese!
She's Japanese!
She's Korean
My crisp tan skin
Is before your eyes
Laid upon a skeleton of 5?9?
My ethnicity is not clear to you
So you change your mind and think
Maybe she's Mexican..
Or maybe Native American!
With your mind still unclear
You still assume
And throw out words to me
Obviously showing you have o clue
Ay dyosko , Filipino ako!
Filipino ako
I'm not that cliche Chinese kid
You see on TV
So dont go up to me and say
Ching-chong chi hai-yee?
And wait for a response
While bustin' out karate moves in front of me
Thinkin' you're Bruce Lee
(But you're not)
Or clasp your hands together and take a bow
As if I was Japanese
(But I'm not)
Why don't you ask me questions instead of assume?
Before you start talking
And make yourself look foolish
At least the best thing you can d
:iconlittlekidweirdo:littlekidweirdo 125 80
Bonnie by Pinka-san Bonnie :iconpinka-san:Pinka-san 6 0 Toy Bonniiii~~ by Pinka-san Toy Bonniiii~~ :iconpinka-san:Pinka-san 9 2 Gornji Prnjarovec Covered in Snow at Night by PoKeMoNosterfanZG Gornji Prnjarovec Covered in Snow at Night :iconpokemonosterfanzg:PoKeMoNosterfanZG 2 1 My Kung Fu Panda Po Plush In Momento Us Effect 6 by PoKeMoNosterfanZG My Kung Fu Panda Po Plush In Momento Us Effect 6 :iconpokemonosterfanzg:PoKeMoNosterfanZG 2 0 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Hanasu The Wonderful Wizard of Oz :iconhanasu:Hanasu 4 2 Mermaid Problems Cover by Hanasu Mermaid Problems Cover :iconhanasu:Hanasu 13 2 BJD by AbstractBreath BJD :iconabstractbreath:AbstractBreath 726 72 Enchanted Doll by maruhana-bachi Enchanted Doll :iconmaruhana-bachi:maruhana-bachi 7,713 370


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*Gather first to buy the materials before you Begin *

Beginners Non Professional Artist/hobbyist Question and Answer 12 Tips for you to learn of:

What  pencil color brand  did you use for monster high painting ?


I use no particular brand name as long no oil  pencil. If you use oil pencil color to your vinly and resin /polyutherene it does not hold the pigment so well and it smudge therefore choose only the pigmented pencil that is  non oily you can choice brand name from Prisma color  Prisma Product water color pencilor derwent water color pencit Dickblick derwent water color pencil  but that is only a sort of your the Spec and safety of the product!

What camera did you use for broadcasting and publishing into youtube:

Ans:As of now I use the logitech webcamera c170 from CREATIVE  , this is a low captures quality but you can use logitech C790 this one has a good quality also use mostly in TWITCH but you can use high end camera tools like Live4u or, Hero 4 , Iphone camera 4-6  or Ipad camera  as long you provide with tripod. but it does not matter which brandname of camera to use just to be sure if you like better quality then choose  to UPGRADE it , I recommend this specially if you are paid sponsor.I would say if you have a better quality camera just use it ask you parents to install it for you.

What Airbrush brand name  did you use  for airbrushing painting ?
For now I use beginner Airbrush from Iwata neo Iwata Cn, but you can upgrade to Iwata highline HP- AH 0.4 nozzle Iwata Highline Airbrushess. Recommended to save  money before you buy this , those are professional artist  product and they are not cheap, beware the cheap Imitations, if you like the better one just visit.Iwata Product

What brand name of Sealant to use for Varnish and what vapor mask did you use ?

I use New Spray  Liquitex matt varnish for this moment click here :
Liquitex Sealant Varnish  and I use emoldex for my halfmask but it does not matter which brand of mask you gonna use as long use it outdoor for indoor I recommend ventillated area with 5 celcius at least in temperature. I prefer to work outdoor with mask on during varnishing , take not that all of this sealant are labeled from Harmful to Dangerous  and never ignore to protect your self abusing of no sense safety can lead uncure illness besure to read the label of the can and shake well spray 30cm away NO OPEN FLAME. 

How much does it cost all this tools?
depend to your choice of product/brand name , not necessary to buy expensive tools , All professional artist pencil cost 2 euro per pencil and maybe the small set color pencil cost 24 euro . it depends also to the locations of your place of your store some store there product is not so expensive you can buy also in the local store.I'm lucky in live in Amsterdam where the home of most artist live. buy from you choice which feels you good to use. buying this tools and not using can be stressful. paint or draw with passion and FUN can give you therapeautic relief with sense of safety. read all the safety data before you buy all the artist product!

What brand of sewing machine did you use?
Nah no brand name XD: just use electric singer sewing machine. but before that learn to practice ask your mom or your grandma for the sewing machine onhands practise they can help you , I'm sure !

if you can't sew to make your own BJD or monster high clothes or style costume dress you can buy at a lot of ready made to choose from with varities in color and style.

Where to buy bjd eye lashes?
Ans: Ummm you can buy in the local store like here : Etos store Etos beauty store product  in my place  but you can ask from the beauty and nail art section from the store ask the casher or the store agent to help you , the eye lashess glue you can also buy at the local store. 

Where to buy eyes for bjd?
You can make bjd eyes using acrylic varnish this will work with  FIMO plastic for baking use white color and for varnish choose the transparent one and let it dry 24 hrs. you need a few rounded tools to make a half hole and molds for this like half sphere half sphere molds.  or look at the Amazon store they have a lot for this  molds. fimo is not for food consumption besure to clean your molds after using residue can cause molds bacteria use alcohol or baby wipe to clean your table and molds, then set apart to safe cabinet that can't be reach with you little sisters .  read the label ask parent advice for baking! you can also buy eyes from  MAKO EYES i recommend this Mako Eyes  also good quality the price or the cost for per  set of the eyes is 25 dollar. 

What brand of paint brushess did you use?
No preferable brand name as long i feel it good Thisnext brushess tools
The Filbert paintbrush is a paintbrush used in artwork. It has a thick ferrule and hairs that are, on average, medium to long hairs in the shape of an oval. Filberts are particularly effective in blending work, usually of a figurative nature., if you want to use the brand name brushess it's your choice flipkart filbert brush . this website will also eleborate to tell you about brushess to learn the round, flat,filbert, bright, detailed paint brushess.… also see this kind of set brush Amazon paint brush set

What wig did you use and what are those name ?

Ans: For wig you can buy itself in the BJD company like or from other bjd doll store like nine

While working:
•    Do not eat, drink or smoke when working due to the risk of ingestion (swallowing). 
•    Avoid excessive skin contact, particularly with solvents. 
•    Do not point your brushes in your mouth; paints are not made for human consumption. 
•    Refrain from applying colour directly with your fingers. 
•    Use a barrier cream, like Winsor & Newton Artguard or surgical gloves when painting with your hands. 
•    When airbrushing, wear an approved mask and work in adequate ventilation to avoid inhalation of airborne particles. An exterior vented extraction system is recommended. 
•    When using powdered pigment, wear an approved mask and work in adequate ventilation to avoid inhalation of airborne particles.  An exterior vented extraction system is recommended. 
•    Do not pour out more solvent than is necessary for your current painting session, it will only evaporate into the room. 
•    If paint or solvent is splashed into the eyes or on the skin, wash thoroughly with water. 
•    Avoid prolonged inhalation of solvent vapours. 
•    Clean up all spills. 
•    Keep artists' materials out of reach of children, animals and foodstuffs. 
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I'm not a pro-artist, I love to customize toys preferable dollies. I'm a hobbyist of mixedmedia crafts I don't have diploma for Art and design I'm just a self taught, I do internet research make self study and bringing to put into practise might be twice in a week, as they say daily practise made perfect and I believe this saying.I'm married with two adorable children, filipino live in the netherlands.

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